We provide integrated but modular commercial and legal advisory for building your digital assets. Each digital asset project starts with an enthralling vision. To make a vision reality it is crucial to translate it into a viable commercial concept and to cross-check for legal and regulatory feasibility. Understanding both the legal and

commercial aspects of a project is key for providing sound advice. DALAW combines the necessary legal and commercial expertise necessary for creating appealing offers and navigating the regulatory jungle. We also work cooperate with established partners for digital banking, technology, accounting, assurance, tax and marketing.

Commercial Structuring

We co-develop and refine the commercial concept underpinning a digital asset project. We assess its feasibility from all relevant perspectives, including investor appetite, liquidity, marketing, community, tax and accounting. We leave no stone unturned until the concept is perfectly tailored and all relevant aspects fall in place.

Legal Structuring & Documentation

We provide guidance on the legal and regulatory structuring of a digital asset, including the necessary documentation like prospectuses, offering memoranda or subscription agreements. We draft the documentation and submit it for approval by competent authorities. In cooperation with our partner ATPAR we provide fully digitized templates with integrated algorithms based on the ACTUS protocol.

Regulatory Clearance

We provide regulatory assessments and regulatory clearance by obtaining permits or non-action letters from competent authorities. We support clients in building cross-border distribution frameworks.


We assess and design risk-based AML/KYC frameworks and procedures. We support clients in ensuring compliance in cross-border distribution, obtaining relevant permissions and reviewing marketing materials.

Risk Management

We assess financial and operational risks and support clients in implementing risk-management frameworks in cooperation with our partner ARIADNE. We are open to assume positions in oversight bodies.

Market Research

We test your vision with our investor focus group consisting of institutional and retail investors as well as family offices. This additional service helps you to be confident, that your final offering has high chance to be appealing to investors.

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