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More money faster for music creators

More money faster for music creators

The current copyright management system in the music industry is failing to address many of the challenges of the digital age. Artists sometimes have to wait between 18 months and 3 years to receive royalties from streaming platforms. Due to multiple intermediaries and very limited transparency, it is very difficult to control whether they receive their fair share, which is less than 60 per cent of royalties in the bet case.

Using blockchain technology developed over five years, New Internet Media (NIM) allows (almost) real-time payment of royalties for artists who are licensing the music to Digital Service Providers (DSP) like Spotify, Deezer or Apple Music. The copyright owners are paid in Royalty Tokens, which are at any time either convertible, in FIAT currency (e.g. euro, CHF etc.) or CopyrightCoin for exit or reinvestment in digital currency. This means more money much faster for the artists.

DALAW helped to fine-tune the commercial concept and actively assists in the commercialization phase.

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