Luxury Goods


Highly innovative combination of investment and use function

Highly innovative combination of investment and use function

Idoneus is reinventing access to, and the use of, luxury assets, like luxury cars, houses, aircraft and yachts. It is the issuer of IDON, a smart digital currency used as a medium of exchange for the purchase, sale, or rent of luxury goods and services, often at a relative discount to the prevailing market price. The IDON token has the potential to increase the total value of luxury assets by generating new sources of income, providing more liquidity and enhancing the overall value. At the same time, it enables private investors, family offices and institutions to invest in, and trade with, this new assets class regardless of the physical complexities of the specific asset.

DALAW assisted Idoneus in the regulatory clearance process in Switzerland by obtaining a non-action letter from FINMA, as well in its corporate structuring.

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