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The best price available for your trade

The best price available for your trade

Honesto is a Swiss and Liechtenstein based startup offering services to the crypto community. Its first product is a bestprice app which permits retail investors to purchase and sell cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin at the best available price. The bestprice app is a smart real-time trading dashboard which gives Honesto clients access to the global crypto markets – through one wallet only. It shows available price-ranges and offers the best available price accross the most important exchanges, whether for the purchase or the sale of cryptocurrencies. This service is offered in cooperation with our partner InCore Bank.

DALAW supported Honesto in the regulatory approval process for the bestprice app in Switzerland by obtaining a non-action letter from FINMA. It also assisted Honesto in issuing tokenized participation rights and preparing the necessary documentation. DALAW furthermore helped to build-up corporate structures and defining relevant policies, procedures and tools to ensure compliance.

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