OTC Derivatives


Disintermediation of the OTC derivative exchange market

Disintermediation of the OTC derivative exchange market

D-Chain is one of the latest projects. Today, the execution of OTC Derivative transactions is a very inefficient, multi-layer process. Reconciliation, risk-management, reporting, compliance requires enormous administrational efforts by the key players for a persistent lack of transparency and reliability. It is a perfect field for Blockchain to show its ability to likewise disintermediate a strategic area of the financial industry, to safe vast amounts of costs and to enhance transparency, reliability and accountability of the parties.

The concept is developed by outstandingly knowledgeable experts and academic professors. In close collaboration with MGG Group, Dalaw helps to structure the development, to process regulatory implementation and to define the commercial structuring. By the size and nature of targeted markets, this project has all ingredients to become a flagship-project. The Partners of Dalaw are firmly represented at the level of the Board.

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