DALAW has worked with some of the most promising
projects and strongest teams in the digital asset space.
In order to create landmark projects, we are observing
the following key principles:

  • We assess our clients before accepting a mandate
  • You are directly working with one of our partners
  • We think and act as entrepreneurs
  • You can expect a strong culture of delivery
  • We expect to be your trusted partner

Roadmap to your digital
asset with DALAW

Initial assessment

You present us your idea and we provide a high-level assessment of the project state and success factors. We also conduct background checks. We tell you if we think you are not ready to proceed.

Engagement Letter

If we decide to accept a project, terms and conditions for the engagement are set out in an engagement letter. We are ready to assume commercial risk. In an early-stage project we expect to be compensated in FIAT. In more advanced stages we are willing to accept tokens or equity as compensation for our services.

Project blueprint

A comprehensive blue-print for the entire project is produced in one or several workshops with you. Its purpose is to assess the feasibility of the project from all relevant angles and identify potential roadblocks. In addition to commercial and legal/regulatory considerations we may also provide financial models or invite our investor focus group to comment.

Implementation Phase

We implement the legal and regulatory documentation, guide through the regulatory jungle and help you building a sound concept for compliance.


Together with our partners, we help you to obtain relevant banking services, to place your tokens or to arrange for finance.


We celebrate with you on the success and stay in touch as members of your advisory board or oversight body.

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