Digital Assets are
the future

An ocean of opportunities

Digital assets are legally enforceable rights and obligations represented by a digital token issued on a blockchain. Tokens can represent financial assets like debt, equity, derivative instruments, structured products or fund units. Non-bankable assets like real estate, commodities, art, intellectual property rights or user rights can also be tokenized.

Digital assets are frequently designed as investment products, using new and innovative distribution channels or offering add-on services to increase transparency or resolve inefficiencies. In other projects they are used to improve efficiency in accounting and administration processes. Highly compelling concepts are doing both.

Key success factors

  • Convincing commercial concept
  • Compliance in relation to token issuance, distribution and onboarding
  • Understanding target audience and investor appetite
  • Sound marketing concept, often based on community building
  • Compelling technical concept
  • Mastering tax and accounting matters